Tuesday, July 24

Building up the base.

I have been spending the past 1 month or so re-building up my running base. I am careful not to over-exert, so I have been doing the same old route. From 36:25 mins a month plus ago, I managed to complete the same route under 30 mins this evening, through I got to say that I was pushing a bit hard just now. But nonetheless, it is a good improvement that I thought that it is about time to push a little more.

It's good that my pace and timing has improved over the month of consistent training. But as I run faster, the normal route isn't enough for me to burn my fats. Also I would need to start to raise my mileage slowly but surely so that I wouldn't be under-trained for my half marathon again. I got to go for a longer run. But it would meant that I got to run a bit slower so that I can last the duration and distance. At the same time, I didn't want to lose my speed.

So for the next 1 or 2 months, I would be alternating my workouts between endurance running when I would try to do 1 hour of running, and my usual same old route run to train up and maintain my speed. Once my muscles are more seasoned, and I can see a gradual increase that I can cover more distance within the time limit, then I would slowly consider if I should up my duration of my long run.

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